Soft reboot.

Ok guys, I am very sorry for the lack of updates as of late, but I thought I'd get you guys input of something.

This, my comic, was at first really just practice. Trying to figure out how to use panels, find some humor, get photoshop under my belt, and just figure it out.

....And it shows.

So I'm considering a "soft reboot".

I'd keep it the same comic, but restart it in a more consistant format, using hand-drawn art for it all on a printed template. This way, I can just sit down with a stack of templates and go crazy, then upload them over the week daily, then make more.

I allso want to reboot the story, and make it more well-written, less stupid, and consistant. My end goal is to hopefully have a strip where it has a consistant plot, but mostly humor. And a WHOLE lot of nuttyness.

The best thing about this for you guys would be MORE. I'd be able to set myself up to aim for a daily update.

EDIT: Plus, I'm really gunning for Fluid to be my Magnum Opus, so I want to restart that to.


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