Free commissions!

As you may know, I am currently pursuing a carrer in Illustration. To hone such skills, I have a cartoony comic strip I update often, and a deviantart I keep active.

To try to spread the word and get more practice, I'm starting up a commissioned drawing service. For now, I have a very small fanbase, and, quite frankly, I'm not good enough to charge much more then a few bucks. So I'm going to make them free for now, if I get loads of requests, I'll put on a small fee.

Right now all I ask is for feedback.

Email me ( ) With a detailed discription of a single character. They will be done in color with a solid background.

Drawings will be done in pencil and inked, then colored and shaded in Photoshop, emailed back and posted here and on my deviantart.

please specify either a cartoon style (see my comic) or a more detailed, slightly manga-esque style (see deviantart).

As these are free. I will not have a set time, but expect anywhere from one day to three.

You can look at my deviantart and my comic (Both in my sig) to see my work.

Disclaimer: If anyone is not happy with my work, I am sorry. but please don't give me crap. As said, I'm a Newb. I'm bound to not be the best.

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